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As an innovation alliance, we pioneer sustainable solutions, transforming
low-value biological by-products into economic opportunities.

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What we do

We co-fund and undertake research and development projects with companies by using the expertise of our research and development partners (AgResearch, Scion, Plant & Food Research and Callaghan Innovation) along with universities throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our goal is to generate additional revenue for New Zealand by working with the primary sector to get better value out of biological by-products, including those from forestry, marine, agricultural, horticultural, animal, and microbiological streams.

We’re funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

About us

How we can help you

Leveraging specialist skills and capabilities at our R&D partners, as well as others in the innovation ecosystem, we fund and support projects in a range of ways, including consultancy, research and development, pilot plant trials, and commercialisation.

Businesses and organisations can apply for project funding on a quarterly basis, with preference given to those who provide cash and in-kind co-funding. Our funding goes directly to supporting researchers to complete the project. In-kind co-funding can include things like raw materials, access to processing equipment, staff involvement and expertise.

We also offer undergraduate (internships) and graduate (Master’s) sponsorship to support our mission. Support for Master’s programmes includes a stipend, student fees and a contribution towards direct costs.

Our innovation approach

As an innovation alliance, we provide businesses and organisations with access to scientists and engineers, who look for ways to enhance low value biological by-products of primary industry processing. This includes raw materials derived from forestry, marine, agricultural, horticultural, animal and microbiological streams.

Our comprehensive innovation approach includes:

  • Consultancy: Collaborative brainstorming and strategic planning.
  • Research and Development: Rigorous exploration of innovative solutions.
  • Pilot Plant Trials: Real-world testing to fine-tune concepts.
  • Commercialisation: Bringing successful projects to market.

Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to efficiency, we align the appropriate R&D team with each project, ensuring maximum value and commercial viability.

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