About us

The Bioresource Processing Alliance (BPA) provides access to the combined world-class science capabilities and technical facilities of four of New Zealand’s national research providers – AgResearch, Callaghan Innovation, Plant & Food Research, Scion and universities.

We provide funding support for appropriate projects that utilise the expertise of our research partners.

Our research partners

We help our industry partners to:

  • Access raw materials from across the primary sector
  • Develop new high-value products from raw biological materials
  • Establish robust economic analysis and development plans
  • Develop methodologies for processing by-products
  • Tap into pilot scale plants to assess the commercial feasibility of a new process or product
  • Reduce costs of processing by-products
  • Increase the value of raw materials
Our people

Case Studies

The Bioresource Processing Alliance is proud to work with a diverse range of industry leaders

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