The Bioresource Processing Alliance (BPA) provides industry with access to scientists and engineers, who look for ways to add value to low value biological by-products of primary industry processing. From consultancy, research and development through to pilot plant trials and commercialisation, the BPA will align the appropriate research team with each project to achieve maximum efficiency in product deployment. We co-fund these R&D projects with industry using raw materials derived from forestry, marine, agricultural, horticultural, animal and microbiological streams.

If you’re unsure who to work with, we can source particular expertise and once we know what you need, a project proposal is written by the lead researcher, approved by you and submitted to the BPA on your behalf.  Proposals can involve multiple research organisations, depending on what expertise and equipment is required. Once the proposal is submitted, it is reviewed by a small team of science leaders, which makes a recommendation to the BPA Board who then makes the final decision.