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Project Funding

Projects can range anywhere from $5,000 to around $800,000 (although most projects tend to be under around $150,000).  We encourage projects to work in a staged fashion whereby an initial project is undertaken and this can be followed by subsequent projects.  There is no limit to how many projects can be conducted but there is no assumption that funding will be granted at any stage.

Our industry partners are expected to contribute cash and in-kind co-funding to BPA projects and while there is no set amount, aim for industry cash co-funding contributions from 25% to 50% per project (the closer a project is to developing a finished product/process, the more co-funding we would expect from industry partners).  Please note that 100% of the funding towards BPA projects (the BPA’s funds plus co-funding from our industry partners) goes to pay the researchers to complete the project.

Once a project proposal is written by one of our Partners, it is submitted by them to the BPA via our Decision Making Framework (DMF).  New users will need to register (see top of page once you click on the link for details).  Decision making framework – Apply for Funding

Student Projects

The BPA is offering undergraduate (Internships) and graduate (Masters and PhDs) programmes to support its mission. Funding for postgraduate programmes includes a stipend, student fees and a contribution towards direct costs.

  • Internships: $11,000 (over summer break, lasting between 11 to 13 weeks)
  • Masters: $25,000 (student stipend) + up to $8,000 (for student fees) + up to $10,000 (for consumables/project costs)
  • PhDs: $32,000 per annum (student stipend) + up to $8,000 per annum (for student fees) + up to $10,000 per annum (for consumables/project costs)

Student research or internship proposal application form: Download student research or internship proposal form and email back to us.


Virtual Pilot Plant Network

The BPA has created a Virtual Pilot Plant Network (VPPN) Database. This is a free-to-access service for the NZ bioprocessing community.

The New Zealand based BPA partners, universities, research providers and private industry have a range of bioprocessing pilot scale processing plants that can be accessed through this database.

By using the VPPN you can:

  • Search for a NZ based pilot scale plant for any bioprocess
  • Understand available scale, type of equipment and expertise
  • Directly contact plant hosts
  • Advertise & showcase your pilot scale facilities
  • Manage & update your plant information at any time
  • With the feedback option you can help us improve the database or tell us what plant is missing

Virtual Pilot Plant Network