Application form – students

Applications can only be submitted via a BPA R&D partner or a university. To be eligible for funding, projects must:

  • Add value to, or create value from, a biological by-product or secondary stream
  • Involve a business partner who can make a cash and/or in-kind contribution to the project
  • Involve a BPA R&D partner (AgResearch, Scion, Plant & Food Research and Callaghan Innovation) or a New Zealand university
  • Have clearly identified economic, environmental and/or social benefits

Before you submit, please ensure that:

  • All parties have signed the application
  • All the required fields have been completed
  • There is a clear project plan, with defined time frames for deliverables and clear criteria for any go/no-go decisions
  • All parties are clear about the IP arrangements, and understand the BPA’s guiding principles with regard to IP (link to below IP section)

Please follow the instructions and be sure to save before you move to the next step. You will need to upload your project application.

Download now – PDF Download now – Word

Apply now and let’s work together to bring your project to life