dimethyl ether productionOur research partners have a strong track record of success in engaging with, and transferring new products and processes to New Zealand industry. Some examples include:


  • Keratin biomaterials through the creation and spin-off of Keratec.

Callaghan Innovation

  • The establishment of a complex dairy lipids industry
  • The supercritical extraction industry and range of products, including totarol, krill, rosemary antioxidants.

Plant & Food Research

  • A range of marine based products for industrial use, including CfineTM, a collagen fining agent for beer and wine made from fish skin
  • A specialised hoki collagen used in electrospun nanofibres
  • Nutraceutical products including a mussel extract with proven efficacy for the control of joint pain, and a stable mussel oil.


  • Internationally licensed wood modification systems, including a wood plastic composite technology.

Helping you take the next step

We can assist with the scale-up of processing technologies and products to minimise technical risk and infrastructure costs through:

  • Assisting with licensing agreements, if appropriate
  • Production-scale plant design and construction
  • Technology transfer via the transfer of personnel, or secondments between the research team and your business
  • Economic evaluations using our robust decision making framework.