wool scouringThe Bioresource Processing Alliance (BPA) provides our industry partners access to some of New Zealand’s top scientists, engineers and economic specialists, who devise clever ways to add value to low value biological by-products of primary industry processing.

By applying a systematic decision-making framework, our team will evaluate a business’ products and procedures, and assess its processing technologies, co-products and waste streams. Those that can potentially generate additional value will be run as a project through the BPA.

We can add value to your business

Many of our industry partners have limited research and development capability and resources.However they do have access to raw materials, financial resources, marketing streams and international clients, and the ability to implement the final technologies.

From consultancy, research and development through to pilot plant trials and commercialisation, the BPA will align the appropriate research team with each project to achieve maximum efficiency in product deployment.

Additional benefits may include:

  • the application of a process or technology to other primary sector raw materials
  • the production of high value products that reduce the need to import products or that will displace petrochemicals
  • the creation of industry clusters across the whole value chain, from raw material suppliers to sales
  • increased employment and human resource development through training and industry secondments to assist in rapid technology transfer
  • economic benefit to heavy engineering companies and chemical engineering companies through construction and design of pilot and industrial plant.

BPA supports innovative technical and industry development

The BPA is a New Zealand Government-subsidised initiative. Funding totalling $2.5 million per year for the next five years is available for technical and industry development. Businesses, industry bodies, economic development agencies, local and regional authorities may apply for funding.