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Scion_080627-89760_webWe provide our industry partners with a range of tools, such as the decision-making framework, to identify and assess the commercial feasibility of new business opportunities across multiple sectors and technology platforms.

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Student Projects

The BPA is offering undergraduate (Internships) and graduate (Masters and PhDs) programmes to support its mission. Student project proposals are now being sought that fall into at least one of the following four themes:

  1. Extraction – direct recovery of high value, low volume constituents. For example, rendering, supercritical extraction, or purification.
  2. High value processing – transforming functionality. Fermentative or chemical conversion of unprocessed, pre-extracted or deconstructed residuals to generate new high value co-products such as animal supplements and functional lipids.
  3. Reconstruction – putting things together. Combining functionalised bulk materials with natural or synthetic polymers to produce novel bio-composites.
  4. Deconstruction – pulling things apart. Hydrothermal, chemical or biological conversion of bulk residual materials to recover platform chemicals (e.g. acetate), nutrients, energy or rendered animal feeds.

Funding for postgraduate programmes includes a stipend, student fees and a contribution towards direct costs.

  • Internships: $5,000
  • Masters: $25,000 (student stipend) + up to $8,000 (for student fees) + up to $10,000 (for consumables/project costs)
  • PhDs: $32,000 per annum (student stipend) + up to $8,000 per annum (for student fees) + up to $10,000 per annum (for consumables/project costs)

Student research or internship proposal application form: Download student research or internship proposal form and email back to us.

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