Virtual Pilot Plant Network

The Bioresource Processing Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of the Virtual Pilot Plant Network (VPPN).

Please bookmark the following link to access the database:

This is a free-to-access service for the NZ bioprocessing community. The New Zealand based BPA partners, universities, research providers and private industry have a range of bioprocessing pilot scale processing plants that can be accessed through this database. 44 different pilot plants were listed at the launch of the database.

By using the VPPN you can:

  • Search for a NZ based pilot scale plant for any bioprocess
  • Understand available scale, type of equipment and expertise
  • Directly contact plant hosts
  • Advertise & showcase your pilot scale facilities
  • Manage & update your plant information at any time

More information and user instructions are included in Our Tools.

For direct enquiries, please contact: Paul Rose – VPPN Project Manager     e-mail:

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