Nature’s Flame and Scion: Fonterra’s Te Awamutu plant utilising wood pellets – Jul 22:,-june-2022/home-grown-bioenergy

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Nature’s Flame and Scion: Plant to convert wood streams into biofuel – 6 Dec 2018: Norske Skog to invest AUD 7 million to raise capacity of Nature’s Flame wood pellets facility in New Zealand to 85,000 tonnes

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Garage Project, Massey and AgResearch: Pet treats from brewery secondary streams – 7 Dec 2017: Hooch for the Pooch

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NZ Food Innovation Network and BPA: Value Added Drying: Business Case for Equipment in New Zealand (white paper) – Nov 2016: Value added drying

Greenspot Technologies and University of Auckland: New ingredients from fruit and vegetable processing – 19 Oct 2016: Auckland University: World hungry for NZ apple flour 19 Oct 2016

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Greenspot Technologies and University of Auckland: New ‘flour’ from fruit and vegetables – 1 Dec 2015: Low calorie apple flour takes on wheat

Scion: high pressure reactor system for testing the potential of hydrothermal chemical reactions and treatments for transforming low grade waste into high value products – 12 Nov 2015: Mini-reactor provides inexpensive, rapid turnaround and safe system for industry product development


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