Each foundation research partner has specialised science capabilities and infrastructure, and is already actively involved in deriving high value products from low value biological resources. Our wider network of national and international research and industry partners also has considerable expertise and commercial success.


AgResearch is a New Zealand Government-owned Crown Research Institute (CRI) and provides scientific research and development to New Zealand’s pastoral sector. The pastoral sector accounts for nearly half of the country’s merchandise exports.

Specialises in: meat, dairy and animal fibre co-products, including expert knowledge in pre-processing, handling and product development with potentially difficult materials.

Callaghan InnovationCallaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation offers engineering expertise and capability in process design and product development at pilot and small manufacturing scale. We routinely work with biological materials across all relevant sectors. Our technologies include solvent extraction, supercritical fluid processing, separation technologies, drying/dewatering and bioprocessing. We have MPI approved Food Control Plans, and Risk Management Programmes to allow food grade manufacture using our solvent and supercritical fluid processing capability for specific processes and the ability to create new Food Safety plans. Our scientific capability covers complex lipid analysis, protein and enzyme science, fermentation bioprocessing and natural product analysis, supported by a world-class suite of analytical equipment. Our integrated service offering allows us to contribute toward the BPA objectives either through project leadership or as a collaborative supporting party.

Plant&FoodPlant & Food Research

Plant & Food Research is a CRI that specialises in research and development that adds value to fruit, vegetable, crop, seafood and food products. Our goal is to underpin the growth of plant and marine-based industry through the successful application and commercialisation of research-based innovation, as well as driving the design and development of new and novel products that support the growth of our export industries.

Specialises in: marine and horticultural biological resource streams, low impact processing technologies especially enzymatic biotransformations, and additional extraction platforms and bioassay capability.


Scion specialises in research, science and technology development for the forestry, wood products and other biomaterial sectors. Scion is the leading CRI in: sustainable forest management and tree improvement; forestry biosecurity, risk management and mitigation; wood processing, wood-related bioenergy, waste streams and other biomaterials; and forestry and forestry-based ecosystem services to inform land-use decision making.

Specialises in: forestry co-products and the biorefinery approach to whole-of-resource use.