We use a range of technologies in order to add value:

  • Extraction – direct recovery of high value, low volume constituents: for example, rendering, supercritical extraction, or purification.
  • High value processing – transforming functionality: Fermentative or chemical conversion of unprocessed, pre-extracted or deconstructed residuals to generate new high value co-products such as animal supplements and functional lipids.
  • Reconstruction – putting things together: Combining functionalised bulk materials with natural or synthetic polymers to produce novel bio-composites.
  • Deconstruction – pulling things apart: Hydrothermal, chemical or biological conversion of bulk residual materials to recover platform chemicals (e.g. acetate), nutrients, energy or rendered animal feeds.

Our network of pilot plant facilities is designed to scale up research and assess the feasibility of a process or product as a commercial investment. The BPA partners have a network of pilot plants in place and examples of current pilot plant facilities include:

  • TERAXTM hydrothermal deconstruction technology
  • Fibre processing plant
  • Supercritical CO2 dewatering plant
  • Supercritical fluid processing plant
  • Marine products extraction and modification pilot plant

[see Virtual Pilot Plant Network for other pilot plant facilities]