Virtual Pilot Plant Network

The Bioresource Processing Alliance has created a Virtual Pilot Plant Network (VPPN) Database. This is a free-to-access service for the NZ bioprocessing community.

The New Zealand based BPA partners, universities, research providers and private industry have a range of bioprocessing pilot scale processing plants that can be accessed through this database. 44 Different pilot plants were listed at the launch of the database.

Pilot scale facilities provide a crucial and necessary step in the new product development pipeline, allowing the creation of prototype products and allowing engineering and economic understanding of potential manufacturing processes. Access to existing available plants and associated expertise can provide a cost-effective means of taking a product concept through to commercial assessment stage.

By using the VPPN you can:

  • Search for a NZ based pilot scale plant for any bioprocess
  • Understand available scale, type of equipment and expertise
  • Directly contact plant hosts
  • Advertise & showcase your pilot scale facilities
  • Manage & update your plant information at any time
  • With the feedback option you can help us improve the database or tell us what plant is missing

The ultimate aim of the database is to inspire, create and foster new business opportunities in the NZ bioprocessing sector.

Bookmark the following link to access the database:

For direct enquiries, please contact: Paul Rose – VPPN Project Manager     e-mail:

How to Use the VPPN Database

Please note: You may need to update your browser to the latest version.

Upon registering your e-mail address as a user name, you will receive a password via e-mail. When logging in, we recommend that you choose the remember password option in your browser.

Search Pilot Plants This will allow you to search the available information for all the plants currently listed. You can search by keyword, or filter by industry or process. When viewing a plant page, if you wish to contact the plant hosts click the Show Contact Information button.

My Pilot Plants If you have already registered a plant or wish to create a new listing, you can manage your listings from here.

Edit Plant For any of your existing plant pages, enter the editing panel by highlighting the listing (click on the right hand side), then hit Edit Pilot Plant (bottom right). When you’re ready, click submit to moderator or save changes if you want to keep working on them. Please note: any changes will only be published after they have been accepted by the site administrator. You must be listed as the primary contact for the plant in order to have editing rights.

Add New Pilot Plant To create a new listing, whether you’re a first time user or already have a page, in the My Pilot Plants panel, click the Add Pilot Plant tab (bottom right), then complete the form, especially all required fields. You may want to save changes if you want to come back to it later, when you’re ready, click submit to moderator.

Did you find what you were looking for? We want to create a useful and active network and we are keen to receive your feedback. To do this, please use the green tab at the bottom of the search list.

If you know of a plant that is not listed, would like to introduce a contact to the network, or have any other queries, please share this link: